It is the product which can reduce the consumption electricity of the air-conditioner by simple installation.

How can reduce the electricity.

Specific Infrared Rays from CONTINEWM® radiate weak vibration to the moisture into the air and make molecular group atomize. This phenomenon gives the broader area that touches the heat exchanger more, so it improves heat exchange ratio. This leads to the less load to the compressor and reduces working hours of compressor and achieves consumption power reduction.

Atomized air by CONTINEWM® conveys heat quickly and evenly spread out in the room, which makes the compressor work efficiently and reduces electricity consumption. Moreover, atomized air makes temperature difficult to be fluctuated, so this air extends time to be a certain temperature. Both are the ways to reduce the load to the compressor which shares 80% of the power consumption.

Merit for installation

Installation method

Indoor unit

Place CONTINEWM® above the air filter.

Outdoor unit

Cover an air intake with CONTINEWM®.

Product Standard(Specification)

■Color:Dark brown
■Shape:Honeycomb(Max. width 16.97mm、Min. width 14.7mm)
■Material:Specific Clay Mineral
Low density polyethylene
■Manufacturer & Distributor:CONTENEWM. Co.,Ltd.
■Patent applied
■Design registration applied