The various problems caused by air pollution has been advocated for quite long time.Unfortunately we can not find any positive results. The basic reason of this problem is considered the fact that the whole of Earth has covered with gas and particulate pollution. Therefore they unbalance the sunlight to pour into the
surface of the earth.
In the old days, when the sunlight had fallen down onto the ground equally, Some
of the damage lost and recovered by the natural purification force.
However, in the current condition, the earth cannot absorb sunlight as before because the atmosphere is covered with pollution. In other words,the current gas pollution in the atmosphere has created a filter which allows to pass such as
ultraviolet wave lengths. On the other hand, far-infrared rays are blocked and can
not pass to the ground.
We believe various problems to exist in human society with the unbalanced
absorption of far-infrared rays and ultraviolet rays.

To solve this problem ,we have developed a solution and suggest to capitalize on
new substitutes far-infrared rays in daily life.

CONTINEWM® is one of the way of solution. After the Air and water have been changed by CONTINEWM®,they have the power of environmental cleanup. In
addition, it is also possible to reduce wasteful energy consumption Although the
effects of individual pieces of solution are minimal, if we spread throughout all of
the world ,CONTINEWM® will provide a prime mover to bring back the global environment to normal.